I's been gettin crafty lately. I'm working on creating a moveable background for my videos- I want to have something fun and colorful, handmade of course, and refelective of my personality and the colors in my logo, so I decided to make a background full of different garlands!

I wanted to share this first garland I finished up this morning, using paper & colorful embroidery floss.


What you'll need:

  •     stiff paper/cardstock
  •     circlular craft punch, or you can just cut out shapes
  •     scissors
  •     embroidery floss
  •     craft/all purpose glue
  •     needle & thread


  • Punch or cut out however many circles you need for the length of the garland you want. I used 13 circles to make a length about 5 feet long.


  • If you can get helpers to punch holes for you, and keep track of paper scraps, all the better!


  • Spread some glue on one side of the paper circle and glue the end of the embroidery floss down. Then proceed to wrap the floss around the circle like crazy until it looks how you'd like it, slightly pressing the floss down into the glue on the back. 
  • Knot the end when you're done, cut the remainder and let dry! The glue will dry clear so it'll be a double sided pattern.


  • Once you have all your finished dots wrapped and dried, lay them out in the order you'd like to create your garland in. 


  • And then thread them together! Thread your needle and come up on one side, go underneath the embroidery floss and down the otherside (I went over the floss in the photo so you could see where I went in and out)
  • I wrapped a loop of the thread around the floss one more time on the backside to help it stay in place along the thread
  • Keep on going, spacing the dots apart as you go. I placed mine each a few inches apart along the thread.


  • Keep adding your paper dots along the thread until you're at the length you'd like.
  • Tie off the thread at the end and cut off the extra length.

And voila! You have a pretty, spinning, colorful on both sides, paper garland!


Many more different types of garland to come- can't wait to see how it all looks together. I'll keep you updated on progress! 

Happy Monday and happy making! Working on any projects just for fun lately?

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