{cheek to cheek}

Happy Friday! TGIF indeed today, it's been a looong week. But at least it was a long week of gettin' stuff done!

And I have been getting into the new VINE app– have you checked it out yet? It's like instagram but with 6 second looping videos. You can check out one of my videos to hear a little piano and see some kitties in action!

The app is pret-ty buggy right now, but I have hope they'll work out all the kinks. There's just something about the addition of movement and sound that I am really loving! It's cool to get glimpses into people's lives thru photos, but getting to hear what they're hearing, and what they sound like, and see what they're seeing in a new way adds a whole new dimension that's really engaging. And easily addictive (watch out!)

And it's been fun to see so many people getting SO creative with it already! If you're on there, follow me @Miss Modish– I'd love to get a little glimpse into your world! (that's mildly creepy, I realize, but you know you like spying into other people's lives too ;)

Now, I'm off to resist all temptation to just lounge around and eat and play piano all day, because that's about the energy level I'm at… we'll see. Resistance can be futile, especially on Fridays…

Happy weekend to you!!

<3 jena

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