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The Pitch Kit: DIY PR that works pitchkit_shopcover

An insider’s guide to pitching with advice from my years of experience as both a blog editor and independent PR rep, the Pitch Kit will help you understand how to pitch your creative business to bloggers, other online media and magazine editors with success!

You’ll learn exactly how to write a pitch that will stand out as a *gem* in a busy editor’s inbox, so that you can score the media attention you’re after. You’ll also gain lots of encouragement to help you get over what is often the biggest hinderance to putting yourself out there- self doubt!

You’ll also find tips strewn throughout from over 25 popular handmade/design bloggers (including some of the very ones you may be pitching in the future!) on exactly what turns them on, and off, in a pitch. And you’ll get to see actual pitches that worked, scoring write-ups on blogs like Daily Candy, and ones that flopped, so you can start to notice the differences for yourself.

A great resource to have on your indieprenuer e-shelf to refer back to often, it’s time to get your business out there- The Pitch Kit can help make it easier!

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